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Help & Info about Mozilla Thunderbird for windows

  • Is Mozilla Thunderbird Free to Download?

    Yes. There is absolutely no charge to download and install this program onto your current operating system. An installation wizard will guide you through the process and it will normally take no longer than a few minutes.
  • How Frequently is Mozilla Thunderbird Updated?

    As Thunderbird is a open-source program, it tends to be updated on a somewhat regular basis. However, please note that these upgrades will not occur as frequently as those associated with the Mozilla Firefox browser.
  • Is Mozilla Thunderbird Safe to Use?

    Programmers regularly check this software for any malicious threats such as malware, spyware and similar types of viruses. Thunderbird is just as safe as comparable email servers on the market today.
  • Is Mozilla Thunderbird Available for Mobile Devices?

    Thunderbird is currently available for installation within all Android-powered mobile devices. However, we should point out that it is not designed to work with Apple operating systems. This is due to the restrictions that Apple places upon the types of browsers and JavaScript codes which are permitted to be used.
  • How do I Install Mozilla Thunderbird?

    It is first necessary to navigate to the official Mozilla download page. After scrolling down to the appropriate section, select "Install Thunderbird". A separate window will appear and this is meant to guide you through the remainder of the installation process.
  • Will Mozilla Thunderbird Block Pop-Up Advertisements?

    Please note that Thunderbird is not an Internet browser. Thus, it has not been designed with pop-up blocking in mind. However, the chances of encountering pop-up advertisements within an email server are extremely rare. If these do occur, it is wise to check the operating system for potential viruses.
  • What is the Maximum Storage Capacity of Mozilla Thunderbird?

    The current maximum storage capacity associated with Thunderbird is a total of 4 gigabytes. The user can create as many individual folders as he or she requires. Once this limit is reached, specific files will need to be deleted in order to upload further information.
  • Is Mozilla Thunderbird Still Supported by Modern Operating Systems?

    Besides an incompatibility with iOS devices, Thunderbird is able to work in conjunction with all major operating systems. Please note that this includes Windows 10. If you encounter compatibility issues, it is wise to navigate to the official website and to upgrade to the latest version.
  • How Secure are My Emails with Mozilla Thunderbird?

    Thunderbird is associated with 256-bit AES encryption. This essentially signifies that all messages will remain extremely safe. For added security, this email server provides the option of employing a PGP key within two users. This key offers an additional layer of privacy when required.
  • What if I Lose My Mozilla Thunderbird Password Details?

    You will first need to navigate to "Tools" before clicking on "Options" followed by "Security". Within this tab, highlight the "Saved Passwords" option. Once this is activated, select the "Show Passwords" field. This section will display usernames, account details and their associated passwords. You may also choose to remove a password from this section.


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